Postcard Marketing – Design Matters a Lot

In postcard advertising, the design is a very important element. An exceptional design make a postcard look more appealing and enhance the clarity of your message. The question is, how do you create an effective postcard design? Listed below are some tips for you:

Design Both Sides

Rather than simply designing the front side, some marketers design both the front and back of the postcard. This way, the message can be read right away no matter which side the card faces up when the recipient gets hold of the card.

Don’t Clutter with Words

Do not use a very small font size just to squeeze all the information you want on one postcard. Doing this can make the texts written in your postcard more difficult to understand. Be sure that you leave just enough white space on the card for easier reading.

Design for Display

Some people use their favorite postcards as wall decor or inspiration. We often see beautiful marketing postcards displayed on refrigerator doors and work stations because it bears an inspiring message or a photo. Obviously, the more people see your postcard on display, the more exposure you can get.

Choose the Right Colors

Warm colors like yellow and red are vibrant which adds life to a postcard. Most experts recommend the use of cool colors like blue and green for it is considered more appealing. You can choose any color you like but always remember that it can either amplify your message or overshadow it. Be careful. Making the wrong color choices can do more bad than good for your business.

Make Sure the Design Fits

Is your postcard design complementary to your message? Is the photo or images used appropriate to what you want to say? There are marketing postcards that are overly done that the message actually gets lost amid all the colors and the graphics. Again, you want the design to accentuate the message, but not overpower it. You want the reader to pay attention to the words, not just to the picture.

Quality Printing Makes Sense

After creating a great postcard design, it’s time to consider printing. If you plan to send out a large bulk of postcards, then it is recommended that you hire a professional printing service company, rather than go through the whole process yourself.

Shop around and choose a reliable printing service. The quality of the paper used and the printing itself can make a big difference. If the printing is poorly done, your postcards will definitely look unappealing and unimpressive, that is despite of the fact that you have a great lay-out and design.

Send Big Cards

Instead of sending standard-sized cards, have you thought of using bigger postcards (6″x9″ or 6″x11″)? The larger the postcard is, the easier it will be to spot it among a bulk of letters in the mailbox. True, bigger cards may cost a little more than the standard-sized cards but they will surely grab attention. Combined with a great design, it will be very hard to discard your postcard in the trash.

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