Email Marketing Designs – Creating The Best Campaign Possible

There are a few key points to remember when creating a successful email marketing design. The primary point is to keep it simple. If you have an email that contains flashy or glitzy graphics yet doesn’t deliver in the content department, your results will be less than anticipated. People don’t like gimmicks. Nor do they want to be sold. So if you’ve been told that your current campaign is too gimmicky you might want to revamp it. While you’re doing that, consider the following:

Create a simple email newsletter. The Nielson Norman Group did some research about people’s email reading habits. What they found was that people read an internet newsletter for an average of 50 seconds. These same people will read a standard email for no more than 4 seconds. From the numbers, readers give ten times as much attention to newsletters as they do normal emails. Now that we’ve determined that the newsletter is the best format, lets discuss the actual design of the newsletter itself.

You want to create a simple email marketing design that does 2 things – captures the attention of the reader AND holds that attention. Honestly, most consumers only read a small portion of the emails they receive. They look at the subject lines and determine if they want to read on or not. Many are deleted without ever being opened. Different advertising dynamics appeal to different people. Your email newsletter or advertisement has to appeal to many demographics for it to be considered a success.

Aside from being simple, your effective email marketing campaign design should use the principles of design that are aesthetically pleasing. You want to employ contrasting colors in order to draw the eye and attract the readers to the action. You can also vary the email inboxes. Some of the free email services like Hotmail and AOL allow several standards for opening emails. You should use colors and fonts that are visually appealing to the masses.

Most design segments within emails are between 200 and 300 pixels. This means your email shouldn’t be too graphic-rich and disproportionate. It should flow smoothly and be distributed evenly throughout the email.

Numerous studies on the habits of Internet users pertaining to email have been performed. All of them say that the email must gain the reader’s attention if the sender wants to keep their interest. In order for your email marketing design to be effective it must be built based on the 5 second rule. This means that the entirety of your page should be able to be read or scanned in 5 seconds or less.

Use your knowledge of marketing as you create your email design. Don’t take up all of the real estate on the page. Use less than a standard advertisement would use. Include pictures that add value, not just look pretty. If the wording is too “spammy”, it may be kicked into the spam folders of your recipients.

Since email marketing is a way for rapid response, you want to give your clients or potential clients several ways to contact you. Include the links to your website, email address, physical address, phone numbers and fax number, in addition to any contact information that can be used to communicate with you.

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